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And well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, right?

Because friends who get arrested together, stay together.

"Ezria" also taught us that when it's love, it's love.

It doesn't matter you met each other in a bar and spent 10 minutes in the bathroom, which pretty much makes you question their entire relationship, because they're just so darn adorable.

She taught us that some people use intimidation and fear as a way of protecting themselves.

Ali was mean at first, but we learned that it was because of her twisted family.

Alison taught us that sometimes, the one who pretends to be the strongest is usually the most sensitive one.But be careful, because his presumed dead ex will probably come back to life because, why not? Who cares if you're engaged and your ex is dating your best friend?Your first love will always be your first love, and it's worth it.She taught us that anyone can change and that you can overcome anything, as long as your friends have your back.Mona, though not an official liar but she still is, taught us that we all just want to be accepted and that makeovers are an incredible thing.

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