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Although they plan to be at the festival all week, neither girl has thought to bring a tent or extra clothing for the cold nights ahead.The only food they have is a melon that Betty has to bash on a rock to open.The series won awards, including a monetary prize that allowed Kerékgyártó to expand the concept into a feature film.In the process, she became the first Hungarian filmmaker to receive federal funds for postproduction and DCP creation.Betty, on the other hand, starts for home, but eventually ends up at Wolf’s. (Romania) Latin Lover: Director/coscreenwriter Cristina Comencini pays tribute to the glories of matinee idol worship in this hilarious tale of an Italian screen star who has slept his way across Europe and the United States and the jealousies and camaraderie of the lovers and children he’s left in his wake.Perhaps because of his name, she grabs his guitar and very competently sings Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs’s “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” in one of the most original scenes of its type I’ve ever seen. (Italy) How to Stop a Wedding: A smart script and committed acting elevate a simple story of two jilted lovers sharing a train compartment who find out they are both planning to stop the same wedding.Betty is more businesslike and responsible, disliking V’s flirtations and the guys she picks up.Eventually, she gets tired of V’s antics and tries to do her job selling Wolf’s weed.

With this separation, V and Betty make their own discoveries that turn their reunion the next day into something of a triumph for them both.

Indeed, Betty and V do an awful lot of drinking in this film, which scared me just a bit while reminding me how much excessive drinking is a time-honored rite of passage that I, too, indulged.

Another time-honored tradition of youth is acting before thinking.

Free Entry, the feature film debut of Yvonne Kerékgyártó, is something of a breakthrough for Hungarian filmmakers as a whole.

The movie’s life began in 2011 with a no-budget shoot that eventually yielded five 5-minute web episodes that formed the series Free Entry (2012).

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