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The closest modern equivalent would be a combination laundromat plus locker room with showers.

During the nineteenth, and early part of the twentieth century, the increase of urbanization caused an increase in the spread of disease. Since many families did not have practical means to clean themselves or their clothes, public cleansing stations were established for their use.

For example, the men's and women's washrooms in Toronto's Dundas Square (which includes a waterplay area) each include a change area which is a blank counter space at the end of a row of sinks.

In this case, the facility is primarily a washroom, and its use as a changing room is minimal, since only a small percentage of users change into bathing suits.

Some communal changing rooms are only supposed to be used by groups of persons, not individuals. Instead, the entire room is locked in order to protect belongings from theft.

Green Rooms may be separated by performing group, or the main headliner may have their own Green Room, and the supporting acts share another.Locker rooms are thus named because they provide lockers for the storage of one's belongings.Alternatively, they may have a locker room attendant who will keep a person's belongings until one comes to retrieve them.Traditionally, before the advent of modern plumbing, there existed a number of cleansing stations for cleansing one's clothes and body.Cleansing stations were separated by gender, and combined the function of cleaning clothes with cleaning of the body.

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