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Both types of Demodex are densest on the face — especially near the nose, eyebrows, eyelashes, and hairline — but they live anywhere on your body where hair follices are.Scientists, however, have never fully studied the total abundance of mites on the human body.At night, they slowly crawl up to the surface at a speed of a few millimeters per hour, using eight short, segmented legs: Up on the outer rim of your follicles, they look for mates."We joke that the mites come out to party, because they have sex on your face at night," Menninger says.

"If there are five million species of insects, you have to realize that every insect probably has its own mite species." The North Carolina State group believes there are even more mite species that live on humans and still haven't been found.The only way we know about their nightlife, in fact, is from experiments in which people slept with tape on their skin to trap the mites when they emerge.Daytime sampling methods are a little simpler: you can isolate mites by putting mineral oil on the pores near your nose, causing them to open up, then scraping them with a piece of metal.During the day, both types of Demodex stay inside your follicles, feeding on sebum.It's also believed that they eat some of the actual cells that line the follicles, along with the bacteria living on them, though it still isn't certain.

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