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This ten-point scale was created in the Department of Applied Psychology in Cork in 1997 and adapted for use in UK courts.In 2002, the scale was amended to a five-point SAP (Sentencing Advisory Panel) scale.Child pornography, when back-cast to the original Greek suggests: “a written description or illustration of child prostitutes or child prostitution”.The noun child pornography superseded the noun child erotica, but is now equated with child abuse images.Jurors and justices who use it as part of their everyday language are trusted to know it when they see it.’ Yet ‘scientific surveys, parliamentary debates and jury verdicts demonstrate no measure of consensus either about community standards or the sort of material which infringes them.’ It seems to me far from self-evident that photographs necessarily involve exploitation in their making, especially as regards those at the lower end of the scale, in COPINE classes 1-6. Taking a shotgun approach, the Panel opts to assume the worst and blast away regardless.” “Shotgun approach” indeed.

In popular usage, the word paedophilia conflates sexual attraction to prepubescent children with “child sexual abuse”.

It then changed again in 2014 to a three-point SOD (Sentencing Offenders Definitive) guideline.

The forging of this scalar weapon and its inclusion within the inquisition’s armoury, furnishes law-enforcement agencies with a most terrible servant to deploy … : a person who is sexually attracted to children, the word appearing in medical dictionaries in 1918, but, with a lack of distinction between paedophilia and homosexuality.

The splendid graphics (not intended for sexual gratification but feel free to enjoy them!

) are the author’s own.: the term appeared in North America during the 1960s, and is defined thus: “Pornographic material featuring sexually explicit images or descriptions of children”.

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